60 Jahre Hafenbau in Togo

The first African deepwater port was designed in 1960 in Lomé.


"Building for man and nature has evolved into one of the most complex and challenging fields of engineering. For 75 years, INROS LACKNER SE has been part of this process." 


A look back at our history, which on the one hand is closely related to continuity and tradition and on the other hand to change and a constant view into the future, fills us with pride. Both the overall historical development and industrial and technological progress characterise the company's development. The book released on the occasion of the 75th anniversary provides a comprehensive insight and illustrates national and international projects.

Company anniversary book: may be read online shortly



Expansion of our scope of services
Until 1990, our consulting and design services focused on industrial and port construction and hydraulic engineering. Due to a change in market requirements in the mid-nineties, the range of our services had to be extended in order to preserve our competitive position. Coordination services provided by a general planner were then increasingly demanded. We thus added services such as transport engineering, surveying, construction supervision and project monitoring. Furthermore, our national offices were extended and widely spread over Germany and our international activities were further expanded.


The fusion of tradition and experience
Our company history is closely connected to contemporary history, i.e. the history of reunified Germany and technological and industrial progress. A variety of major national and international projects have been implemented during this time. This is impressively documented by the company chronicle.